Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Interview with Sexy Brit Wilde Raven

1. Introduce yourself.

Raven: Hi my name is Raven wilde A.K.A WILDE RAVEN 

2. How long have you been modeling?

Raven: I first started modeling 25 yrs ago doing lingerie modeling for catalogues then took 

a big gap to persue a different career its only these past 4 yrs that I have seriously 

considered modeling again 

3. What made you want to model? 

Raven: I was always being asked if I was a model and I had a good following on facebook 

so I thought i would persue it in more detail

4. Are you Married/Relationship/Single?

Raven: I'm married but my motto is , 'I'm wed not dead ' :)

5. Do you have tattoos or piercings? if so where and of 

Raven: I have a tattoo of pingu the penguin on my left boob and tweetypie on my right 

arm ,I used to have lots of piercing but had to spend some time in hospital 8 yrs ago and 

they made me take them out 

6. How old are you ?

Raven: I'm 49 , I will be 50 in October

7. What are your measurements?

Raven: I wear 42 GG bra (uk size ) i'm classic hour shape 

I have thunder thighs that could crush a head in seconds lol

i wear Uk dress size 24

8. Turn ons?
Raven: I'm a sucker for a shaved or bald head ! i love tasteful tatoos , not the old sailor 

type lol good personal hygiene is esential love someone who makes me laugh and i love 

wit and intelligence im the bedroom i love massages and good pair of hands 

9.Turn offs?
Raven: I prefer my men not to smoke

bad teeth :(

10. What is your dream?

Raven: to be adored by hundreds of sexy men

11. How do you like working with the other models?

Raven: its lovely to be part of a fantastic group of awsome women that have the same

ideals and thughts as I have

12. Do you enjoy working under Sindy Shonne?

Raven: yeah she knows her stuff and looks after us and has our best interest at heart

13. If you could do a shoot with any of the Dream Girls who 


Raven: Amerie Love she is awsome beautiful and such a strong women , also she is the one 

that recruited me

14. What are your future plans with modeling?

Raven: i hope to be able to set up my own site and make a real go of this

15. Do you work on any other sites? You could do free 

promo here for them.

Raven: no i dont because ive only just started with the dream girls ive not joined any other 


16. Favorite position?

Raven: gotta be doggy who would want to miss seeing my ample arse bumping up and 


17. What do you consider your best feature?

Raven: my smile , my boobs and my bum and thighs

18. What Celeb would you want to meet (male or female)

Raven: i'm happy being me

19.What is your facebook like page link?

20. Do you have a message for any of the readers?

Raven:just that i think beauty comes in all sizes lets make love not war and SMILE

Thank you for taking the time to interview with me. Love 

you ladies ♥

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