Sunday, April 29, 2012

Interview With Erotic Athena Risque

‎1. Introduce yourself.?

Athena:  I am Athena Risque.

2. How long have you been modeling?

 Athena: I've been an adult model for 3 1/2 years now.

3. What made you want to model?

Athena: It was recommended by a friend, so I gave it a try and loved it. 

4. Are you Married/Relationship/Single?

Athena: I am married happily for 20+ years to my soul mate. He helps me be what I want 

to be!

5. Do you have tattoos or piercings? 

Athena: Yes, both. 

if so where and of what? 

Athena: 10 piercings...2 in each ear, 1-nose, each nipple, 3 in my vaginal area. 

tattoos...shoulder-phoenix, tramp stamp, 1-thigh, 1-ankle

6. How old are you ?

 Athena: I am over 50...but feel like 21!

7. What are your measurements?

Athena:  I've not measured lately, but I'm a 40 DD, and wear a size 12 dress. I'm 5' 5" tall.

8. Turn ons?

Athena: I'm an exhibitionist, I love to show off my curves, my body, my everything

9.Turn offs? 

Athena: Rude and obnoxious people

10. What is your dream?

Athena: To be a hard core adult model, and excel at what I do!

11. How do you like working with the other models?

Athena: I love all my sister models, we are like family.

12. Do you enjoy working under Sindy Shonne? 

Athena: She takes care of alll her girls, and is a caring person. I enjoy working with her. 

13. If you could do a shoot with any of the Dream Girls who

Athena: I have already done a HOT SEXY shoot with Naughty Desiree, and I am hoping to 

shoot with Amerie Love very soon. 

14. What are your future plans with modeling? 

Athena: I plan to continue to be all I can be in this business.

15. Do you work on any other sites?

Athena: Yes. I have modelled for Southern Charms since I started my career in 2009. you 

can see me there at: 

16. Favorite position?

Athena: I've several....But Doggie is tops. We can't dicsount Reverse Cowgirl tho.

17. What do you consider your best feature?

 Athena: I consider my boobs to be my best feature, but others say my ass....and my large 

eyes, which Goddess Athena is known for

18. What Celeb would you want to meet (male or female)

 Athena: Jason Stathom....I'd do him any day.

19.What is your facebook like page link?

20. Do you have a message for any of the readers?

Athena: I hope you come visit me soon on my BBW Dreamgirl site. Let me entertain you! 

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